Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Well, I just got word that I will not be able to start school at all in the 2009-2010 academic year. Thanks to the Governator's budget cuts, the entire California State University system (of which Sonoma State U is a part) can't accept any new students. I'd hoped for a special enrollment exception, but it didn't come through.

I heard the State-terminator on NPR a few weeks ago talking about how they have to cut the "fat" and the "waste" in their budget to survive the recession. Since when did education become fat and waste?

I'm really bummed about this; I'd hoped to be able to continue my quest for a criminalistics degree. I have outstanding grades and a very good GPA, I'm a hard worker with specific goals in mind, and I'm trying to transfer from a very good school (Penn State). But it doesn't matter, thanks to the miracle of the Bush Economy (thanks, Tengrain) and the thievery of Wall Street billionaires.

The only way a college can make money is to get more students, yet they can't accept any more students because they don't have the staff and money to open more classes. What a ridiculous situation. It's like the conundrum of not being able to get a job with experience, but not being able to get experience without a job. It's stupid. But the state school system has no choice.

Guess I'll try other schools in the area, and just take basics and stuff I need -- then try to transfer to Sonoma State (which is the only school in the area with the criminalistics degree) later. Matty tells me he's hearing it'll take years to close California's budget deficit. That's pretty depressing.


libhom said...

If Rich people like Arnold paid their fair share in taxes, there would be no budget deficit.

Anonymous said...

California has a special interest legislator and they are all afraid that if they vote the "wrong way" they will not be re elected. CA makes the strongest argument for term limits i have ever seen.
Libhom is well off the mark. I lived out there for many years (5 gen. Californian) but, it is so totally screwed up i sold my home and move to a state that can afford to pay it bills.

KGMom said...

Oh Delia--I am so sorry.
Sadly, our country has a long history of hating taxes--heck that's how we came to be.
And Pennsylvania history gives us the example of the Whiskey Rebellion--entirely over taxes.
So now it's a fine mess we've gotten ourselves into.
We need taxes to fund essentials--which of course is what education is. But we hate taxes. So we would rather give up the essentials to avoid the unpleasantries.

dguzman said...

LibHom--well, I don't know what he pays--but that state has been screwed long before the Governator came along, thanks to what Rick says--the legislature and their gerryrigged system.

Rick--yup. That's what it seems like to me, with all their propositions and anti-tax laws. They're kinda screwed. Somehow, I don't feel like I'll be spending the rest of my life there.

Donna--well, I don't mind paying taxes, but I sure wish most of it wasn't going to wars and Halliburton.

Anonymous said...


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