Friday, January 9, 2009 RULES

So I've decided to keep track of all the cool things I learn about my future home state of California, and I thought a blog would be the best way, so that I can get comments and share ideas with everyone.

Matty McMatterson told me about this, where you can look for cool stuff of any sort in any city in America! So my first search? Mexican food! I've been so deprived for lo these almost-six years, living in State College, home of Mad Mex (fake California-Mex, with the only good thing on the menu being the margaritas) and QDoba (if you call that Mexican food, just stop reading now).

I found a little place that seems to have nothing but good reviews, Las Guitarras de Cotati. Not only are the reviews all good, but the translation is The Guitars of Cotati (Cotati being a little city on the south edge of Rohnert Park, where we'll be living). Already I like this place!