Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Job huntin' in California!

Sorry I haven't posted more on this blog -- I have been so busy, what with traveling around and stuff.

This morning, Matty sent me some job prospects along with the idea that I could move out there for a good job, sublet a place, and wait for him to arrive. That would be some pretty wild stuff for me, but the idea of leaving now sounds positively dreamy!

I noticed that he found all these job opps on Craig's List--I really need to explore that thing more. All my friends are always finding cool stuff, selling extra junk, etc. on Craig's List. I feel at a disadvantage, though, seeing as how I only have computer access at work. Hmph.

Back to the jobs--all are editing/writing positions, including one with Acoustic Guitar magazine! I'm going to work up some cover letters, polish my resume, and see what happens. It would be crazy to leave suddenly, but--I sure could use some California sunshine.


FranIAm said...

I am sending you all my good Cali vibes D.

Speaking of craigslist, get thyself a computer of one's own. You may find one for sale there at a good price. It will be essential for your job search and so much more. I know money is not flying in the windows for you (or anyone) but the time is now.

Thus speaketh Fran!

Now I am back to envisioning you in Cali!!!

FranIAm said...

So did you get a computer?

dguzman said...

I have a home desktop, but no internet access....